My mission is to create a Hairstyle for you
that will stand the test of time.


Hi, my name is Ladylyn. I've been doing hair since I was 8 years old for my family, because I really enjoyed it.

After having my daughter at the age of 18, I needed to support the two of us and I got a job at a hair salon. My knowledge of hair grew and the passion along with it. I have now been featured in many wedding magazines and blogs, and have done hair for the cover of Elegant Wedding Magazine. My experience in editorial strengthened my eye for detail and beauty, as well as the speed to get it done as time is always limited.

In 2016, I did 73 weddings and 18 editorial shoots. During the week, I would work 12 hours easily. Friday to Sunday I was punching in 15 hours a day, doing a minimum of 3 wedding per day. That's not including the administrative work I had to slot in to run my business and get booked for weddings.

I was stretched thin. I never got to see my family. My health was suffering because I was stressed, didn't eat well, and my body just hurt!

So I decided to change my business structure and book only one wedding per day and dedicate my whole art to one Bride and her family.

Now I only do full day bookings, starting at 8 hours for $1600.

After doing the hair in the morning for her and all of her ladies and sometimes men, I help the photographers during the shoot by fluffing the dress, touching up the hair, holding bouquets, carrying bags, moving things out of the way and overall making the shots look perfect and having the bride feel like a celebrity.

I absolutely love what I do.

I don't even really know how to describe it. I'm just so happy at where I am in my life and my career. 



I live in the rolling hills of Caledon ONTARIO, with my partner Shane and my two girls, Tyla and Jessica.