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Consultation vs. Trials

When shopping around for a wedding hairstylist, most brides choose the artist that’s going to do the looks they want at the best price. So they look through the artists’ portfolio and ask for a trial. They want to make sure they can get those styles because they feel their hair is more challenging than everyone else. This is very common. Most brides shop around like this and it is encouraged in the wedding beauty industry for brides and clients to get a trial.

This post is to tell you why I’m different. The amount of care and attention to detail I put into making sure we are both on the same page, is something I am naturally born to do and it doesn’t mean having a trial at the get go. So the brides who hire me, save money during the “shopping around” stage of their wedding planning process and that savings can be used towards hiring me for their big day.

Brides want to pick vendors that fit in their wedding day budget. Choosing between 2 or 3 wedding hairstylists that offers the best price for you is a great idea. But the problem is the cost of trials that add up. Trials cost around $80 for salons and you will probably get one style to try. Some freelance artist can charge closer to $175 or $200 for each trial, and again you can try maybe 2 styles. Each time you try a new artist, you’re spending between $100-$200. That’s just for hair. Never mind the emotions that add up every time you’re disappointment and hopeful that the next one will be better.

Honestly speaking, I hate this model. I really think shopping around for an wedding hairstylist should be like shopping around for a wedding dress. Kleinfeld’s or other bridal dress shops don’t charge you when you want to try on the dresses. They charge you when you buy and make alterations. The difference is, wedding dresses cost a lot more than hair services. So the dress industry can afford to spend the time to have brides come in and try all these dresses.

I’ve taken from this model and I offer a complimentary consultation for a brides initial contact with me. In the consultation, we discuss wedding details that she would normally discuss during a trial, with an artist she is wants to hire for her wedding hair. We also go through pictures she brought to show me what she would like. I give her my honest feedback on if I’m capable of executing the style or if I can suggest other styles for her to look into. I spend about 30 minutes with each bride and I give her my undivided attention. I might also touch her hair and access the scalp to address any hair challenges she struggles with, like oily scalps, lack of volume and dry ends, and give her a hair plan to get her hair and scalp into a better place for her wedding. I only do a consultation after the bride after she has reviewed my quote. Submit a form here is you want a quote. 

Usually, the amount of knowledge and professionalism I have, comes through and the bride can make a judgement if I’m the artist she wants for the day. If she decides to hire me, then a trial happens about 30 days before the wedding.

The trial, in my opinion, is a time to try the hairstyles you want and have seen on Pinterest and instagram. When you’re first shopping around for an artist, you found hair inspiration photos you want to try. But after a few months and closer to your wedding day, you’ll find more photos to grab inspiration from. For example, I’m constantly uploading new hair pics onto my instagram.

At the trial, the bride comes to me with all of these photos and we try as many as we can in 2 hours. I strategically choose which ones to try first and what to end with to utilize our time efficiently. I would curl the hair and try the down looks first, then finish off with up looks. I normally can do 3 to 8 hairstyles in 2 hours. The amount of styles I can do is heavily dependant on the brides decisiveness and how honestly she can communicate with me.

Communication is a luxury we have before the wedding. With lots of detailed and honest communication, I can really get to know you and I will start to know how you like things done. On the wedding day, it will seem like I read your mind. That’s how well I will know you.

You will be so at ease on your wedding day knowing that I’ll look out for you and make sure you look perfect in every shot.


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