Wedding Tips

Thinking of Hair Extensions?

Your wedding is coming up, you’ve found the perfect dress in Los Angeles and right about now you’re thinking of your hair and makeup for the big day. While most hairstyle you see on Instagram and Pinterest have hair extension hidden in them, you’re wondering if you need them too. If you decide that you do, then you could think about checking out these Remy Tape In Hair Extensions that could help you to look extra fabulous on your big day.

I encourage you to reach out to me for that answer. But regardless of your desired hairstyle needing extensions or not, there are other things you need to know.

Right off the bat, I do not use hair extensions in my updo hairstyles. Alternatively, I use a hair filler that I make and bring with me. I find clip in extensions weigh down the hair and I lose the softness in the look. Cheap hair extensions should be avoided at all costs. Instead, you should look at these high-quality 22 inch hair extensions.

All “human” hair extensions have a coating on the strands that make the hair resistant to products and styling. This coating is like the shiny coating on an apple in the grocery store. Not only does it help keep bugs away during shipping, it also makes the hair feel smooth and look shiny. All the wrong things for styling. For that reason, I need to prepare the hair for the wedding day by removing that coating and styling it, so all I have to do on the wedding day is clip it in. I have a few videos in my instagram highlight stories showing you some of the process of prepping the hair extensions.

I wanted to remind you that all clip in hair extensions need to be in my possession beyond 30days before your wedding to prep them. If I receive them within 30days of your wedding, there will be a rush fee of $150+HST per person that needs them.

To avoid this fee, please ask and let all of your ladies know about the fee, so they can decide and get them to me before they are in the 30days window of time.

When sending or dropping off the clip in extensions, label them with

  1. the brides name
  2. the wedding date
  3. the name of the person wearing them

I’ll need hair selfies of the person the extensions are for, and photo of the hairstyle they want. These photos can be emailed to me.

Ask me for my mailing address if you want to mail it to me.

Photo by Whitney Heard

If you do not already have hair extensions and want to purchase them, you can buy them from me at $260+HST. I have 18″ 220g of Remi clip in extensions on invisible weft that I get from Unicorn Hair.
Other online store you can get them are Luxy Hair and Bellami Hair.

A customs fee may be charge when the extensions are mail to me from Luxy or Bellami, which will be added to your invoice and you will reimburse.

When purchasing hair extensions, look for clip in extensions that weigh more than 160g and are 18 inches long. If your hair is longer than 18 inches, you can get longer hair extensions.

I do not want you to go to Sally’s or other hair extensions store as the quality of those extensions are very poor and do not hold curl or volume.

If you want to purchase hair extensions from me within the 30days, the rush fee will still be applied.

If I receive hair extensions on the wedding day, preparing them for the hairstyle will delay the schedule and your ready time. About one hour per person that wants the extensions. I may allow refuse to use them if they are not styling, for the fear that they will go straight and stringy throughout the day….no body wants that.

Please have the conversation with your ladies and feel free to reach out to me if you are unsure of whether you need the extensions or not.