Wedding Tips

Full Day with Ladylyn

Here’s a concept most brides are not familiar with: Full Day Service. What does it mean? Why do you need it? Who is this service for? Let me begin by saying a full day service is not for every bride. Some brides simple want their hair done before the ceremony and THAT IS IT. They are fearless of wind, rain, and heat.

They don’t understand the commitment for a bridal party where they are the main act, ALL DAY. They don’t realize they will be photographed ALL DAY and everyone expects them to look amazing the whole time. And these brides are the ones who don’t book me. Some of them find me later and ask “Where were you when I was getting married?”

Where was I? That’s a question for another post. Let’s stay on topic.

A full day package with an artist means they will stay with you for a set amount of hours. Usually around 8 hours to do your hair before the ceremony, touch you up for your wedding photos, and before the reception. There is a handful of luxury beauty teams in Toronto who off this service.

A full day package with ME means I will provide hairstyling for you and your ladies, and even your groom and his side of the family. I follow the bridal party to the ceremony location where I touch up your hair and reapply your gloss from the kit your makeup artist left for you, as well as fluff the dresses so it’s perfect for the entrance.

During your photos, I help the photographer gather the bridal party and get the perfect shots. When there is a 2 hour window to shoot and it takes 10 mins between each shot to gather the groomsmen (you know what I’m talking about), you many not get all of the shots you want. Usually that’s such a waste of time and money. But with me there, I keep an eye on the shots list and get the next shot set up to hep the photographer. I’m on your team when it comes to making sure we get the shots you actually want. I keep the flow going.

Below are photos from Mango Studio‘s Instagram feed of a wedding I did with them. For this wedding, I was hired for the full day. I did hair for Bride plus 6 ladies that you see here. Now let me tell you what these photos show you about my service.

For the shot on the left, we wanted this candid style photo. Mango photographer Melissa and I asked the ladies to gather around the Bride and fix her dress and give her compliments. They didn’t know what to do to fix her dress so I picked up the pieces of the dress that would look good and handed it to them.

The next shot to the right, we wanted them all closer to gather. A very intimate photo. Guess what happened to their bouquets? They were handed to me and I placed the out of the shot. The transition between these two shots was 1 minute at the most. If I was not there, they might still be holding their flowers, or would take a few more minutes to figure out what to do with them and where to place them. Also, I positioned their hands on the pretty lady beside them. Which might sound like a little detail that doesn’t matter, but if all the ladies to the left of the Bride had their arms straight down, and all of the ladies to the right of the Bride had their hands on another persons arm or shoulder, that would not look balanced.

For this last photo, the Bride really wanted this shot in front of these gorgeous gigantic doors. We got there and there were lots of leaves and sticks on the ground. We got her and the groom into position and I cleared the ground space really fast. Like, REALLY FAST! While I was down there, I positioned her dress and the veil to fall a little bit in front of her. Girl, that doesn’t naturally happen!!. I also, fixed the grooms crooked tie and the way his trousers fell over his shoes.

It’s these little details that Brides and Grooms never consider when choosing vendors for their day. You remember your day with the photos and what the photos remind you of. My job is to help make every photo perfect and get you as many photos as possible by doing the little jobs that other people don’t and haven’t thought to do (like moving leaves and sticks).