Wedding Tips

Hair Prep Instructions


Please gather the photos that each person wants, as well as a selfie of each girl with their natural hair, and add them to a shared album.
The best thing to do is to add them to the shared album we created, for your trial photos.

Or you can simply email them to me.

Make sure each picture has the persons name on it.

Each person can have more than one picture, and more than one person can share the same picture (I hope that made sense).

Also send a selfie of each person with their hair down, natural and parted the way they usually part it.

Washing Hair

Everyone should wash their hair the night before the wedding, using a CLARIFY shampoo.
For anyone who’s hair does NOT hold curl or volume, this step is crucial. Scrub that scalp, make sure its super clean!!

Use Bumble&Bumble Sunday Shampoo from Sephora.

Do not use conditioner, oils, treatments or products. Your hair will dry faster and will style better. Wait until it’s mostly dry before attempting to brush it.


Drying Hair

Dry it completely with a blowdryer. “Dry enough” is NOT DRY ENOUGH.

Lastly, do not tie it up, through it into a bun or braid it, as this will trap any moisture left over.

Washing it the night before will allow at least 4-6 hours from when you washed it, until I arrive, for any left over moisture (water) to evaporate out of the hair.

If the hair is cold to the touch, it means its still has moisture in it, even though it LOOKS dry.

If the hair is damp, that person will be asked to dry their own hair while I take another person. Preferably another person that has dry hair.


Proposed schedule

In your contract, you received a proposed schedule, and by now you might have specified amongst your ladies, who will be going first or last.
I would suggest anyone who wants their hair styled “down/out” or half up should go first, so I can set their hair with curls and pins. Ladies who want an up-do will go next, then I will finish off with the ladies who had their hair set.
Each person should be at the “getting ready” location at least an hour before their hair/makeup slot time, to give themselves ample time to settle in and have a consultation with their artist.

Make sure all of your ladies have read this and understand. Remember, we want the morning to be stress free and run as smooth as possible.

See ya bright and early!!


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