Wedding Tips

Determining Your Ready Time!

The time you want to be ready for your event is called your ready time. But when a hair and makeup artist asks for your ready time, they want to know the time before you get dressed and head out to your event, hair and makeup finished.

Determining your start time is a different story. Click here to read about it.

Specifically for weddings, as a rule of thumb, your ready time is 2 hours before your ceremony. The 2 hours are allotted for “getting ready” photos, getting dressed, loading the car and driving to your ceremony.

Now here are a few variants to this rule.


First look:
If you’re having a “first look” or “reveal” before your ceremony, you’ll want to be ready 3 hours before your ceremony.

Across the city:
If the getting ready location is far from the ceremony location (i.e. downtown Toronto to Woodbridge) you’ll need to overestimate your travel and add 30 mins extra for uh-ohs like traffic, road closure, wrong directions etc. Ready 3 hours before your ceremony.

Same location:
If all the full day will be done in the same location (getting ready, ceremony, photos, and reception) you can be ready 1.5 hours before your ceremony.

Keep in mind these are the absolute latest you should be ready. Give your vendors some wiggle room with an extra 30 mins just in case. Magic happens when you allow us the time to get creative.

There are some vendors who may want you ready a lot earlier or a lot later. Get a schedule confirmation from all of the vendors, since they are all working together to provide you with a smooth and stress free event.