4 steps to determine your start time


Ladylyn is a published hairstylist and mommy to one sassy little girl


Providing your beauty team with sufficient time to get you, AND your ladies ready is crucial. It can mean the difference between a stressful event, or a chilled out party time. When you vendor tells you the service will take 30-45mins, always aim for the bigger number. Here are 4 steps to determine your ready time.



1) But first, your ready time.

Determining your ready time is so so so important. Read this to help. To summarize, hair and makeup should be done at least 2 hours before your event starts.


2) How long does each Hair Service take?

Artist usually need between 30minutes to 60 minutes per service. The desired style, length and fullness or hair may also be a factor. As well as possible hair extension applications. Ladylyn usually takes 1 hour for the bride and 30 minutes per additional person.


3) How many services?

Get a specific number of the people requiring hair services from one artist. Lets say there is one Bride and 6 other people. The 6 others are a mixture of 3 Bridesmaids, 2 Moms, and 1 flower girl. Your package would be for Bride+6.


4) Work backwards.

Now here's the fun part. for this example, we will use Ladylyn's general service times, which is 1 hour for the bride and 30 minutes for everyone else. If you have Bride+6 people, the bride will take one hour and 6 people will take 3 hours. Added together, the total getting ready time frame is 4 hours. 


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