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I hear too often, Brides and bridesmaids want to start after 7am. Because they don’t want to get up too early or they want to be able to have a relaxing morning. But here is the truth: You won’t be sleeping much on the night before the wedding, and your start time is highly reflective of the time you need to be ready, and the number of ladies who the artist need to go hair and makeup on.


  • Determine ready time
  • How much time per service
  • How many hair/makeup services
  • How many artist


The very first thing you need to figure out is your ready time. Once you’ve figured that out, move backwards from there.

To move backwards from your ready time, you need to know how many people are getting ready with you, how much time does the artist need to get each service done, and how many artists will you have.

Most artist will take 45 minutes to 1 hour with each service. For one person to get hair and makeup done, almost 2 hours.

A lot of artist in the wedding industry have minimum they will come to you for. If it’s just you needing hair and/or makeup, it is very likely they will decline your request, encourage you to add more people to your request, or charge you their minimum fee, which will seem like a lot to pay for just one person.

Now, the same goes if you have a large bridal party and feel you need two or three artists. Each artist that you request will have a minimum.

You might find some companies or freelancers that lower their price per person with larger parties. Keep in mind that this promo may not apply if your only giving each artist 2 ladies, as opposed to 5 ladies each.

Here is an examples for hair start times.

Bride plus 4 bridesmaid, 2 moms, 1 grandma, and 2 flower girls. Ready time is 12pm with 1 artist for just hair services

4Bridesmaids, 2moms, 1grandma (7x45min)= 5 hours & 15 minutes
2Flowergirls (2x30min)=1 hour

Total time for services 7 hours & 15 minutes. The start time would be 4:45am to be ready for 12pm. You need to be ready by 4:30 am at the latest to get started.

“But I wanna sleep in”

Here’s another example using the same amount of ladies needing to get ready for hair, but with 2 artist, respectful of the artist minimum.

Photo by 1486 Photography


Total time for ARTIST 1 is 4 hours

2moms, 1grandma(3x45mins)=2hours & 15 minutes
2Flowergirls(2x30mins)=1 hours
Total time for ARTIST 2 is 3hours and 15 minutes

Total time for services 4 hours. The start time would be 8am to be ready for 12pm. You need to be up and ready to get started by 7:45am at the latest.


The number of artist you can get is the key to shortening your service time for all of your ladies. When you hire professional (like reeeeeeal PROFESSIONALS) they will have products and techniques that last all day, so it doesn’t matter if the first person started before the sun cam out.

I want to add that 4am and 5am start times are very normal. Specially for Catholic/Christian weddings and 5+ bridal parties.

My biggest advice for this is to trust your artist when they suggest a start time. Don’t try to push it later. Trust me, you will be so excited for your wedding that you won’t be able to stay asleep. And getting started earlier is so much better than feeling rushed when your photographer comes in and the day actually starts feeling like your wedding.

I hope this blog post helped. Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for this. The other Brides might find it helpful.