Wedding Tips

How to Book a Trial

You’ve booked Ladylyn or her Hair Team for your wedding, and now you’re wondering how to book, when to book, or what a trial consists of? Well we have these answers for you below.

Hair Trials are two hours long, done in our studio Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm, upon availability.

We recommend you have your trial about 30 days before your wedding.

​This way your hair is “in season” meaning its the same state, colour and length that it will be for the wedding, and you will know this close to the wedding, the looks you want to convey. It’s also a good amount of time to allow you to make any suggested changes to your hair, such as adding layers, trims, toning, or adding highlights and dimension.

You can book by going to The schedule book opens 2 months in advance of the current date.

Ladylyn provides three types of Trials:

-Trial for Bride
-Trial for Bridesmaid
-Trial for Mother

The Hair Team provides one type of Trial:

-Trial with Team

 you arrive, gather pictures of hairstyles you want to try, and those you hate and want to avoid looking like. These photos can be saved in a Pinterest board, or an album in your phone specific to the trial.

​Add as many photos as possible in this album, there will be time during the trial to show these to your artist, and together you can decide which one’s to try.

You can also add selfies of your bridal party, your wedding dress, cake, and other wedding details so we can get a better sense of the story you’re trying to convey.

Please arrive
 to your trial with clean, dry hair. Follow the washing instructions here. It is also a good idea to wear makeup and a pretty dress or top, to get you in the “bridal” mood.

We begin by looking at your photos and decide which ones make sense for the type of wedding your having (i.e. rustic, sophisticated, romantic, simple, grandeur, etc).

Once we have strategized which hairstyle to start with first and which to finish with, then the artist will being to curl your hair for those hairstyles.
A minimum of 3 hairstyles will be tried, and photos will be taken of each one, from each angle, and shared to you with iCloud Photo Sharing, or a collage will be emailed to you if photo sharing is not available.

After the trial
, you can review the photos and add comments to the look you may want to change, keep or suggest. Feel free to add your bridesmaids hair inspirations and additional photos your find into the shared album.

​The goal of a trial is not to find “THE ONE HAIR STYLE” for your wedding.

The goal is to learn what you “love” and “don’t love” about the hairstyles, so that on the day of the wedding, if for whatever reasons (i.e. rain, wind, bad pre-wedding cut/colour, snow, found something new, etc..) we need to make changes, the artist can do so while knowing exactly what you “love” and “don’t love”, and can make the decisions for you, taking the pressure off of you.

Friendly tip #1: 

Organize your Hair trial on the same day as you Makeup trial, Engagement photos or dress fitting.

Friendly tip #2: 

You’re welcome to bring in with you, anyone who will help you make hair decisions, but we ask that you limit this to 1 person only, as multiple opinions may take away from what you actually want for yourself.

Friendly tip #3:
​You can start iCloud Photo Sharing these images with Ladylyn by inviting her using the phone number 416-938-2313