Wedding Tips

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Hairstylist

With the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, there are so many hairstyles to choose from, and with that, so many hair artist. But how do you know what to look for in an artist and in their portfolio. Well let me tell you what to look for and why you should hire one, or two.

1) You don’t want to do it yourself

This is a day when you should be pampered and cared for. Unless you’re a profession wedding hairstylist or want to wear your hair the same way you always do, this is not the day to do it yourself.


2) Not all Hairstylist are equal

The girl or guy who normally cuts/colours your hair may be great at doing your hair for your birthday or christmas, but the longevity and finesse required to have a hairstyle last for 12 hours, is a skill a Wedding Hairstylist is trained to provide.


3) Vendors know each other

The logistics and the flow of a wedding is like an orchestra. The players in the show need to know what they are doing, when they have to do it, and how to harmonize with the rest of the players. When someone new comes in and doesn’t know how to play with the others, it can create a glitch in the show, which will cause the rest of your amazing vendors to step up. I have seen wedding planners fix makeup, and have heard of photographers fixing hair, because the bride decided not to invest in a wedding beauty artist.


4) Your first wedding, our hundredth

Experience plays a huge role in becoming a great Wedding Vendor. Only with years of experience can we say we’ve seen it all, and with that, if anything is about to go wrong on your day, we can foresee it, will know how to prevent it and will deal with it. Most of the times you won’t even notice. And you’re to suppose to notice these things. You’re suppose to have a stress free day. let us handle your moms hair and your sister’s extensions.


1) Feelings

It’s not just hair. Hiring a professional wedding hairstylist goes beyond looking good. Anyone can be trained to put on makeup and make someone look good. These artists know how to make you FEEL amazing. They understand the weight that tis event puts on you and the importance of your appearance. We work on making sure you are not stressed so that the stress doesn’t show on your face or your body language.